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Playing Language Games is an Effective Way to Learn English


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Why it is so important to be able to speak English?


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Playing Language Games is an Effective Way to Learn English

For a long time video games were frowned upon in schools and were considered as a real educational hindrance. However, opinions have rapidly changed over recent times, with games now featuring as a learning technique that not only keeps people interested, but as one of the most effective ways to learn English around today.

Game Based Learning: How it Helps to Learn English

It is only natural there’s a bit of scepticism attached to playing video or language games and learning to speak a language, after all normally playing and learning are a contradiction in terms. However, if you strip away the fun side of a game, the basics left behind are all about intensive learning. The result is a pleasant, entertaining method of learning that’s built in to all video and language games.

A visual game is filled with fascinating, engrossing factors which get a person’s brain working over time in order to solve a series of problems. This is the only way to reach the end goal, and is one of the best learning environments ever to be created. It is also a great platform on which to learn English.

Looking closely at a well-designed video game and the experience a person gets out playing it, is not that different than a well thought out curriculum. With most video games, whether intended for educational purposes or not, always beginning with an introduction that demonstrates the basic skills needed to play the game.

After this comes a series of low-intensity challenges a person has to undertake in order to move forward in the game. The challenges become more difficult as the game progresses, but all the while a gamer learns newer and more effective techniques to overcome hurdles so they reach the end of the game. The whole process is not that dissimilar to the techniques used and ways to learn English.

The Effectiveness of “Hidden” Learning Techniques

There are several “hidden” learning techniques in video games, and again these can be found both in educational and “fun” playing games. People learn things without even being aware they are indeed picking up a new skill which could be solving equations and other problems encountered during a game.

Choosing the Right Game is Important

Selecting the right game to suit a person is important because not all games will be as useful as ways to learn English for some people as it is to others. However, studies have shown that stronger, self-directed engagement games keep people interested and it is this engagement that enhances learning skills. Being allowed to fail is another important aspect factored in to video and language games. The repetition of a failed sequence helps memory and recall too.


Over recent years, studies have shown that students involved with game enhanced learning techniques finished their courses with much higher overall exam scores. Learning a second language needs to be an enjoyable experience which is why finding effective ways to learn English involves playing language games.